Friday, February 25, 2011


I'm sorry. I know I promised that I'd update more!

However in my defense I still only have 8 followers and apparently I suck at the internet so I don't know how to collect more followers.

Also this isn't an art update, but last time I talked about a podcast my friends and I are doing. I'm in charge of editing and unfortunately trying to get it onto the internets in some form or fashion. As previously started I suck at finding out how to do these types of things.

How to get someones personal information? I can do that.

How to get into someone else's email? I can do that.

How to garner more followers or post a podcast on the internet? I can't do that. If you know how to do that and would like to help PLEASE let me know!

Regardless I do have art that needs to be scanned in and posted for all 8 of you to peruse at your leisure.

'Til then enjoy the podcast and I'll update again either tomorrow or Sunday with another podcast and definitely more art. Enjoy...or don't. Either way I'd like to hear.