Friday, February 26, 2010

Test drive

So in my last update I posted sketches for character concepts. The only one I like is Marcel (the one who was inked) the others didn't quite work for me but I have an idea of what it's gonna be.

Anyways so now this game is going to be a web based game so we're going to be using Flash, a program I've been wanting to use for the year I've had it (got CS3 pro last winter) but never actually learned. Now I have to learn it, and learn it fast, and more importantly learn how to draw in Flash. Using a Wacom tablet (intuos3), which is something I've NEVER done before (actually bought it just for this project and I love it), I did 2 work ups of Marcel.

I'm gonna post 2 versions of the same mock-up, one with layers and the other with just 1 layer. Then last I'll re-post the Marcel drawing.

Tuesday, February 23, 2010


I know! I know!

I'm sorry!

I promised more updates that would come more frequently (like instead of that gap between October and February). Then only one update last week? Really?! What's that all about?

Laziness, and trying to get back on the wagon.

So enough of that, what follows are the concept drawings for a video game that I am working on about Zombies. God I love Zombies. Anyways nothing is set in stone yet and everything might change between now and then but I drew 'em.

The one guy who's leaning funny, yea, I hate that drawing but still it's all gonna be up here.

Love it or hate it, leave me a message and lemme know how you feel! Thanks.

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Wow, it's been a minute.

Ok. So it's been a while right? I've got a ton of excuses and they're all valid, but they're still just excuses. All technical ones, I'll list them off numerically.

1) My computer stopped recognizing my scanner.
2) My computer stopped working as anything other than a web browser and mp3 player.
3) I got a new computer. YAY!
4) New computer wouldn't recognize the old scanner because it was 6 years old and had no new drivers.
5) Because I bought the new computer, I was too poor to buy a new scanner. I swear this is a technical reason, because the numbers in my bank account wouldn't correspond to the numbers on a new scanner's price tag.

Now there are outside reasons, like a new school year, tenure, girl issues, blahblahblah. No one cares, but I'm back with a vendetta!

However, I'm going to start you guys off slowly.

Then I'll start spamming you with images. First, the drawing I did for a competition at school, then some really crappy cell phone pictures of other stuff I've worked on.