Friday, February 26, 2010

Test drive

So in my last update I posted sketches for character concepts. The only one I like is Marcel (the one who was inked) the others didn't quite work for me but I have an idea of what it's gonna be.

Anyways so now this game is going to be a web based game so we're going to be using Flash, a program I've been wanting to use for the year I've had it (got CS3 pro last winter) but never actually learned. Now I have to learn it, and learn it fast, and more importantly learn how to draw in Flash. Using a Wacom tablet (intuos3), which is something I've NEVER done before (actually bought it just for this project and I love it), I did 2 work ups of Marcel.

I'm gonna post 2 versions of the same mock-up, one with layers and the other with just 1 layer. Then last I'll re-post the Marcel drawing.

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