Thursday, January 13, 2011


It's been over a month. Which is a shame because as it was pointed out to me, any followers I did have probably waved bye-bye during my >month absence. I solemnly swear if everyone who reads this actually subscribes, or becomes a fan of my art on facebook I will go back to doing weekly (or more) updates with art and info.

I was also told to stop tweeting about poop. Stupid FourSquare sharing with Twitter!

So a bunch has been going on in the world of me. The school where I teach did a play, which was adorable. It was about kids learning about the past so they had songs/dances from the 20's, 40s, 60s, 80s, and present. My job there as an art teacher is super awesome.

Paint the scenery.

The scenery are on 4 rolling bases. Each cavas is Eight feet by 3 feet. So I get to paint HUGE things. Which is always a ton of fun, and this time I got to paint Pac-Man, the guts of an iPod, Rosie the Riveter (RIP), and a 1920's hot rod with an art deco hotel in the background. I posted pictures of some of it on facebook. If you don't follow me there, please do. I've made it really easy by putting the facebook thing on the right.

Since the end of December I also started a podcast with two of my friends. It's supposed to be funny, but I'll let you be the judge. Before I send it to Apple I'll put "episode zero" on a site so you guys can check it out before checking out our official opening. Which I have to begin editing once I'm done here.

My apartment is now one dog richer, unfortunately that dog is massively retarded but the most kind loving and doting retard I've ever met.

Also via twitter I promised a blogopalypse. Or some other such nonsense.

This Munny glows in the dark and is for my friend Steve who bought me both of the glow in the dark toys.
This is for my therapist. SURPRISE! I'M CRAZY! But it's also the last page of my sketchbook and I'm going to give it to her so she can analyze it or something. This "key" should help her read it. Also since this is the last page of the mini-sketchbook would anyone be interested in me printing out this stuff and selling it super cheap?

The end.

More coming soon! Please follow me and pass this around to ANYONE and EVERYONE who might like it!

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  1. there's been a key all of this time?!
    copy please..

    Really want to see this podcast :)