Thursday, May 19, 2011

Another update.



In other news, I'm doing Super Art Fight this weekend in Baltimore. I think I spammed it on facebook, so if you're friends with me there, you can read it there. Or try this link: but that probably won't work.

So since I'm going to assume that you're either too lazy to click links or are complete figments of my imagination here's a brief description of what will be happening on Saturday. Myself and 15 other artists will be stood in front of large pieces of canvas and start drawing with Sharpie Magnum Markers. If you don't know what that is, google it. Then we will be given a topic, which we then have to begin drawing and do it QUICKLY so once your finished you can attack your competitors canvas. The idea is not only to draw well but to entertain the crowd and mock your opponent.

My first opponent is Henry Alexander, here is his deviant art page: and his own personal page And now his drawing that was in response to my sketches, which by the way is hilaarious.

Here's my practicing, all with marker except the photoshop pieces, which are obviously done in photoshop on my wacom tablet. Oh and a comic I did in college.

Here is what started it!

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