Monday, June 13, 2011


So last week I bought Manga Studio Debut 4! Yay! First I was all:

Then I was all:

'Cuz it's not letting me use my scanner to scan in my comics. I updated my scanner's drivers and idiot checked it in Photoshop (which I'm not a huge fan of for comic making) to make sure the scanner was working. Then I imported the .jpg into MS4 and it got all pixelated and shitty. Which was annoying but not a big deal because I needed to ink over it. It just fucking frustrated me that I couldn't do what I wanted (or figure out how to make panel borders for that matter) to the point where I'm kinda like Bill the Cat. ACK! THBTH!

Here are the two .jpgs. I left the original scan behind them so the difference isn't so BLATANT but tell me which one you think looks better than the other.


  1. the first looks sharper on my computer.

  2. tough to say... i'm kinda liking #2 just a shade better right now, but... i'm assuming with color and without the scan behind they'll look different... and it depends on the style you're goin for too... so... *shrug*

  3. Thank you ladies! The colors will be flat, and I'm a little more partial to the line weight of the second but the detail control I have in the first one is better.

    I'm torn.

    As for the color, it's going to be mostly flats with maybe 2 tones of shade. Or just tones. I haven't made up my mind yet on that.

    Either way thank you ladies for the response!