Wednesday, October 6, 2010

More Sketchbooks

Ok, first off I told the people in my last post who won (its in the comments) so if you won you might wanna make sure I have your address so I can send you a money order for $20.

After that, this weekend is New York Comic Con (NYCC) and I'm totally stoked for it. I'll be there on Saturday and Sunday. On Sunday I'm going to a Webcomic Bootcamp put on by Scott Kurtz (PVP) and Brad Guigar (Greystone Inn/ To say I'm nervous is an understatement. They're going to look at our work and critique it, if I get ANY positive feedback I'll shit bricks and most definitely put up a web comic. However if I'm verbally raped, you might need a forensic team to find the all of the shattered pieces of my ego.

I'm mentally preparing for the later but hoping for the first.

Anyways here's 3 or so more pages of moleskin sketchbook. Lemme know what you think and if you think you know where I started post it in the comments and maybe I'll send you some phat lewtz.

Stay up!

Oh also I'm going to be broadcasting my desktop in a little bit the URL for that is


  1. Knock 'Em Dead !

  2. Bottom to Top:
    C.Walkin look alike, spanish wrestler and head with the jewel behind it.

    No worries, it'll all be fine. Stay confident;)