Friday, October 1, 2010

A contest

To the person who can figure out exactly where on the page I started drawing these doodles. For every right answer, $20.


I'm broke, so don't get it twisted I'm just confident that you won't figure it out. For two reasons.
1) No one ever comments.
2) There aren't any hints in the drawing themselves.

It's pure train of thought. The only person who's NOT allowed to guess is my co-worker who doesn't read my blog anyway.


  1. The football looking thing by 'arrow'.

  2. face @ top right corner and head of the skull w/football eye.

  3. The coffee cup is my best guess.

  4. I LOVE your sketchbook. The lightbulb.

  5. Meagan is correct, so is Rita, and anonymous. On the lower one I started with the head in the middle center with the football eyes and arrow on its head. On the above one, I started with the coffee cup.