Friday, August 6, 2010

This should be impressive.

Or the complete opposite of impressive.

Either way this is going to be a huge update. It was kinda cool to go through and see all the stuff I didn't scan in, and there's a lot more of it. I'm just lazy.

Or it's on loose pieces of paper floating around my apartment or in my classroom.

In other words. I'm just lazy.

So I'm gonna try to explain what each page is, should be entertaining to see me try to explain my mental diarrhea.

So this is me sketching while on my way to a business meeting in Manhattan. I just wanted to get my pen moving and when I can't think of what to draw, I draw three things (and if you flip through the blog you'll see them OFTEN). 1) Eyeballs with forks in them. 2) Womens faces. 3) A tag/throw up I may or may not have used depending on the statue of limitations. Also people were watching me so I was very self conscious and nervous.

Have I mentioned I'm a hermit/shut-in? I am.

This is kind of what the meeting was about, without divulging too much information. It will be a simple yet fun and extremely engaging MMO for smart phones (which only make up 10% of the cell phone market). It's a great idea, and theoretically it could make us fantastically rich. The chances of that happening are slim, but it would RULE!
This sketch and the next two or three are all characters in a book I was writing for NaNoWriMo. If you don't know what that is, its National Novel Writers Month, or is it writing? I'm not sure. I'd Google it but as previously stated I'm lazy. Regardless it's a young adult book about a world within our world. I actually started it on my no-longer existent blog but kept going. I still haven't finished it.

This is one of the characters, he was the first one I saw in my head, and so far the last one I've introduced. If it ever gets finished and if I like it, I will post it here or send you a digital copy should you ask for one.
Another character in the book. You can see some of the notes about the character, what you can't see is that compared to the first sketch, this guy is supposed to come up to Twumbly's waist. At the most.
This is the character I created, and then later had to figure out what he looked like. He's a little creepy looking but my description of him makes him seem far more friendlier and less like the dude from Labrynth.

Good movie. I'm gonna go watch that after I update.

Crumbly is kind of the guide for the main character who's just an ordinary human kid in this bizarre fantasy world. Which is stuff I'm obsessed with like the aforementioned Labrynth, but also Neverwhere, Charles de Lint's Newford series, Gaiman's Sandman, and Alice in Wonderland. You get the idea.
I like drawing zombies and I like drawing snakes. Also my symbol is on the bottom right hand side. I've been drawing it since I was 7.
This is me trying to figure out how characters in my webcomic are going to look. The downside is I've got what I think is a funny/great beginning and have NO IDEA where to go next. If you want to help let me know, but be forewarned the humor is crass and offensive.

Shitting dick nipples.

If that offended you, or confused you, you don't want to write this. If it didn't, please comment and we can work shit out.

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