Tuesday, August 17, 2010

An experiment of sorts.

I'm not sure if the experiment was a success or not. I'm going to say something terribly cliche and therefore I apologize in advance. I am my own worst critic.

What I'm going to post for your judgment is the original sketch and the same sketch digitally inked by myself. I've never done this before, this is for a "contest" for monsterfactory.net (there stuff is AWESOME, thank you Meg for showing me)

This is the first time I've used my Wacom tablet to ink something instead of just drawing something brand new with it. So seriously, leave some feed back!
Above is obviously the original sketch (at 72dpi). You can see where I got bored of drawing/anxious to try digital inking.

Here's my attempt at digital inking it's real size is 11"x17", and at 72dpi it's not too bad. However at 300dpi it looks like I asked Michael J. Fox to ink it. Maybe I should get tested to make sure I don't have MS like Teenwolf.

Anyway, lemme know what you guys think!

Also here's the image of the monster I included in my illustration:


  1. Is the monster a pose-able soft toy or 3-D art? Interesting 'tats' too.
    Difference between "LiKe" and "Love" with the two monsters.

  2. I think the monsters are pose-able soft toy, if I had an extra $50 to spare I'd totally buy one and give it a full review.

    Also the cyclops is gonna be in a web comic I'm gonna launch soon.

  3. A huge difference. The Ink appears less rough and "cleaner".
    Sketch appears more animated than the original sketch.
    Cool, very cool upgrade :)