Monday, October 5, 2009


So for those of you who might not have heard, this weekend Mark Batty Publishing had an event in Bushwick that was pretty amazing. Graffiti artists where doing HUGE murals that were gorgeous even if you think it's a crime. A ton of gallery spaces, awesome food, free drinks, and a buncha vendors selling hand made original clothes, jewelry, toys, comics, paintings, and dvds.

I was one of those vendors and I made a handful of cash so all of you who got a chance to come out I appreciate it. If you didn't I promise there will be more. I'M BACK ON THE GRIND!

Anyways while I was there during the downtime I did some drawing. Which I will now post so that you may anonymously mock it.

ENJOY! Also please follow me if you have a blog, I will return the favor.

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