Friday, September 3, 2010

Kinda update

But not MASSIVE updates. Just finished digital inks and color swatch test.

More "peet's process" than anything else. Hopefully someone, someday, anybody will actually give a shit.
I'm not so stoked on the the laser blasts, but everything out is kinda cool.


  1. How do you do your digital inking? Or a better question, how do you go from the drawing to scan to ink? I'm going to assume you are working with a better tablet and stylus than I have, but is there a particular method you utilize?

  2. Hey Paige, sorry about getting back to you so late. I draw it with pencil first, scan it (I spent a ton of cash for an oversized scanner), and then use a 8x10 wacom tablet to ink it in my CS3 photoshop.