Sunday, September 12, 2010

Nth Man

The Nth Man is a FANTASTIC comic, and I have bought all the issues I didn't buy when I was a kid online so I have the complete set. Yesterday instead of leaving my house, I decided to make myself massively depressed and took all my comic books out and started reading them.

Nth Man was something my father probably encouraged me to read, but I'm not sure. It's got all the cold war stuff I definitely didn't get when I was a kid, but it also has ninja's so I might have bought it myself. Anyway it's only 16 issues long and I get to the 16th issue when I turn the second page to find out half the page has been cut out of page 3, 7, and 16. I shit bricks. I can kind of half ass guess the ending but I'm not sure. The ending's a little week anyways because the book probably wasn't selling well and it feels rushed. But regardless I love it and I'm pissed I have to re-buy issue 16.

That being said, being a shut in caused me to peruse the internet for something other than pornography and I strolled through a few artists blogs and flikr streams. Then I mentally beat myself up for not making more art and not making ANY money from doing what I love. After that...well I used the internet and I'll leave that up to your imagination.

Today I didn't leave the house at all again, and watched football. Now I should preface this by stating that I like football but I don't LOVE football, however I turn the games on and watch 'em while drawing or sleeping. During the Giants game I drew the "ALL THEY SEE IS CRIME IN THE CITY" sketch, and during the Eagles game I drew the following pages. I was playing with markers because the crime in the city sketch ruined the next page.

I tried something new and then fell back onto my comfort zone. I'm going to ask everyone to let me know what they think but I know only Rita will. <3

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  1. Blog host sarcasm..don't cha luv it?!

    1.Nude laying away. Well done;) Feminine and pretty. See the old incorporations(bears, bots) it's cool, it seems like a daydream. Landscape of the mind and thoughts. Like the colors too.

    2.Grotesquely, stunning. Very appealing and disturbing. Beautiful.

    What would you name them?