Friday, September 3, 2010

My eyes..they hurt

So friggen badly. It's probably from the computer monitor, or the way my desk light gets reflected BACK into my face when I'm drawing. Either way..I'm totally stoked to see that my phone can post updates.


Even though I kinda want the new r2d2 droid.

Anyways, so the last entry was just a picture of my sketchbook and the sketch I was working on. I got off my lazy butt this "morning" (I woke up at noon) and scanned in the drawing and my sketchbook.

Here they are, later today or tomorrow I'll post the digitally inked/colored versions.

Also thanks to Rita for ALWAYS commenting, unlike the rest of you lurkers.

And here's the same exact thing, just twisted so you don't have to crane your neck to see.

And here's the final sketch below.

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  1. Lurking eye#2. no login for pod cast :(

    watching is interesting, especially when u look absolutely confused as to what to do next, haha

    got a fighting chance for this weeks entry. Good stuff. will look for finale

    Iced those paws Peet. l8r